The National Skills Development Handbook 2007/8

Created: 21. 08. 2019 back
The National Skills Development Handbook 2007/8

A 492 page bi-annual reference book on skills development in South Africa. Published: 2007. Pages: 492 A4. Pubisher: RainbowSA. ISBN 978-0620-38756-9.


  • 492 page, A4, full color publication covering all aspects of skills development including step-by-step guides and reference information
  • Written in plain English and illustrated with charts, diagrams, and pictures to make it easier to understand
  • Useful to both private and public sector recipients to both small and large enterprises
  • Target audience:
    • anyone who is involved in skills development in Africa, whether at a company, government, NGO or individual level
    • users include: training and HR managers, SDFs, Career Guidance Counsellors, SETA and DoL personnel, education and training providers, business owners and managers, professional organisations, academics, goverment agencies, research organisations, key decision makers, local govenment bodies, NGOs and overseas aid donors.
  • Previously called the Skills Development Guide
  • Incorporates the National Training Directory
    • A4, full color directory of 598 education, training and development practitioners in South Africa as well as HR, BEE and Transformation Consultants
    • Each advert is categorised in one of 60 possible areas of expertise

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