FET Colleges - Institutions of First Choice

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FET Colleges - Institutions of First Choice

Overview of the entire South African public Further Education & Training (FET) college sector (as at 2007). Published: April 2007. Pages: 156 A4. Publisher: Department of Education. ISBN 978-0-620-68376-0.


The publication includes:

  • An overview of the entire public FET sector and the 11 new programmes that make up the National Certificate (Vocational) qualifications.
  • A two-page showcase of each FET college, including the background, student support services, and critical skills needs they are addressing, as well as the strategic partnerships forged with government, local and international business and community organisations.
  • A summary of case study research into best practice within our colleges, identifying lessons learned and success achieved across such key practices as quality management, simulators, staff development, student support services, and business incubation and support.
  • The publication was sponsored by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)

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